The Entebbe Conference 2015

On the 23rd of September 2015 IBIS co-hosted a conference in Entebbe, Uganda, with IBIS’ partner organisations Tax Justice Network Africa (TJN-A) and SEATINI. The conference will shed light on developing finance institutions’ role in promoting responsible tax practice in the private sector.

Developing countries continue to suffer from tax evasion and aggressive tax planning from multinational companies, which limit domestic resources to finance public services such as access to basic education and health care. Tax and domestic resource mobilisation played a key part of the negotiations at the 3rd conference on financing for development in Addis Ababa in July and is a part of the sustainable development goals. Meanwhile the role of development finance institutions in leveraging the private sector for development impacts has increased significantly the past decade, and they are clearly also a key part of the new development framework.

This conference aims to raise awareness of the potential role for multilateral development finance institutions as agents for change in the fight for more domestic resource mobilization in developing countries.

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