Lima Conference 2015

In October 2015 IBIS, and our partner organisations Latindadd, Eurodad and Tax Justice network Africa brought the discussion of development finance institutions and responsible tax practice to Lima, Peru.

IBIS and partners hosted two events on the 7th and 8th of October. One event took place at the World Bank civil society policy forum, and one was part of  the alternative CSO forum.

Development finance institutions are key development actors, and are expected to be at the forefront of sustainability. However, when it comes to ensuring responsible tax policies and practice from their private sector partners, are they fit for purpose?

The two events focused on development finance institutions' potential role as agents for change in promoting responsible tax practice. In addition, the events served as a forum to initiate a dialogue between civil society organisations and development finance institutions on how to ensure more domestic mobilisation for development.

Please read the concept notes for the events:

Concept note for the World Bank civil society policy forum event 

Concept note for the alternative CSO forum event