The Marlin Mine, Guatamala - Photo: Arne Simonsen

The Tax Dialogue is an initiative by Oxfam IBIS to set up a multi-stakeholder dialogue to understand the challenges and opportunities around tax and corporate responsibility for the private sector. We aim to turn the challenges into possibilities and propose an innovative type of cooperation for a new agenda.

The aim of the Tax Dialogue is to develop a set of principles for responsible tax, which corporates and investors can implement or lean in order to ensure that their tax policies are responsible, and that they address some of the global challenges while still being an integral part of the business plan.

The Tax Dialogue offers:

  • A space to discuss and debate some of the major challenges and risks facing international business in todays globalised world regarding tax planning
  • An opportunity to meet interested parties and actors, and to express and be exposed to different view points
  • The possibility to help shape the agenda of tomorrow with regards to corporate tax planning opportunities and restraints