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Are you a corporate actor or an investor? Do you consider CSR as core to your business success and your footprint on the societies you are active in? Then become involved in the Tax Dialogue!

Attend the international conferences

Information about the conferences associated with the Tax Dialogue will be posted on this website.

Participate in workshops

Are you a professional working with or exposed to questions about tax planning and/or CSR in your every day work or are you responsible for your company’s tax policy and wish to learn more, then join our in depth debates about various dilemmas and detailed discussions about core issues to tax planning and CSR.
Sign up by writing to Sara Jespersen, project manager for tax, CSR and development with Oxfam IBIS at Please include a short description of your role and the relevance for you to participate as well as your motivation and interest.

Follow us on Twitter

If you are on Twitter you can participate and follow the debate online. Please use #thetaxdialogue to contribute to the debate and follow @thetaxdialogue.