Politicians, citizens and the media are increasingly linking tax and corporate responsibility. Especially in the aftermath of the financial crisis that has left us with a strong focus on welfare cuts, tight budgets, and the need for everyone to lift their share of the burden. The OECD and the G20 are collaborating in a serious attempt to fix the broken rules for international taxation. This has created new challenges for the business environment with a stronger scrutiny of their policies and practices. However, it also leaves room for new opportunities.

Corporates and investors who today chose to engage in an open dialogue about these challenges and opportunities are one step ahead of the game. Participation in the dialogue allows you to shape the debate and gain insight in variety of actors’ perceptions on the matter. Constructive input and suggestions from the private sector will raise the level of debate and ensure that the principles for responsible tax are grounded in realism especially with regards to implementation.

We hope the dialogue could lead to common understanding of best practices and a potential for piloting new experiences.

To facilitate this dialogue with corporates and investors IBIS are with The Tax Dialogue initiating a range of conferences and thematic workshops.