In parallel with the work on private sector corporations and investors Oxfam IBIS work with international partners on shedding light on development finance institutions’ (DFI) practice on tax and corporate responsibility.

Development finance institutions' role in channelling partly public funds and investments towards developing countries is growing. The institutions operate under a special development mandate and hold a considerable opportunity to influence the private actors tax practice. By setting criterions and standards for responsible tax practice when selecting partners and projects they can act as frontrunners and create a new standard for responsible tax practice. We hope to be able to draw on lessons learned and information of best practices from the dialogue with corporates and investors to inform those principles for responsible investments.

Oxfam IBIS has mapped the practice and policies of Scandinavian development finance institutions and published a discussion paper which introduces proposals for how development finance institutions can actively engage with and promote the responsible tax agenda. These papers will feed into a constructive dialogue with the institutions on principles for responsible tax.